Determining Where to Apply for a Non-Traditional Loan

People who need cash immediately or who will not qualify for a traditional bank loan seek non-traditional loans, which are more commonly known as bad credit loans. There are significant numbers of lenders that set up websites to accommodate those seeking a personal loan, a line of credit, or a small business loan. These loans incur very high interest rates and can result in a cycle of debt for borrowers. Most lenders are reliable and regulated, but there are some that are less than transparent regarding fees, policies, and terms.


The wise approach to determining where to apply is researching several websites to find the lender that best suits the needs and comfort levels of potential clients. The problem is that will take time which interferes with the goal of getting fast cash. It may also not be possible in a stressful situation. Comparing lenders is not an activity to undertake when a loved one requires immediate medical attention.

Another Way

There is a website that has already completed comparisons of top non-traditional lenders. Objective reviews from clients have been summarized for convenience. Professionals with years of experience in the non-tradition lending industry have also added their reviews and provide brief overviews of several lenders. Side by side comparisons, ratings on a scale of one to five, and a blog that provides articles and advice on money management are available as well.

All this information is currently available only at There are no complicated marketing messages to wade through because the site is operated independently of any one lender. There is transparency instead of bias, honesty rather than clever phrases, and help to assist people in developing habits that will decrease the dependence on fast cash loans in the future.

The Format

The lender information is presented in a simple format that provides the same overview of each lender. Facts presented before the general overview include how long the lender has been in business and where in the US it operates. Lenders are licensed by each state. Some operate nationwide, while others are restricted, or elect to remain, within a region or one state.

How to apply and what is required to completely fill out an application is also provided. The facts are followed by an overview of the lender and the rating. The last piece of the format is a review that is compiled from objective customer reviews and a review by the professionals operating the website. When seeking a lender, go to before deciding where to apply.